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          India is the first country to make corporate social responsibility compulsory. Although it does not apply to all the organisations, but it has gained a lot of importance in the recent times. [...]
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     The attempt to achieve success, fulfill dreams and stand out from the rest has taken a toll on fast food companies have been in the headlines for the wrong reasons. Health issues caused by the excessive [...]
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    Store King

              STORE KING When a student from a village, deep inside and away from the glamour of the city, wore a pair of bright red shoes to the college, he did [...]
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              PEEBUDDY How many times have you heard women saying “we women have so many problems to deal with”? Numerous times, right? They complain about equality in work, eve teasing, doing [...]
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        Health problems are common these days irrespective of the age group. In recent times, it has been taken seriously by people and it is now a trend to stay healthy and fit. But [...]
  • Money Matters

    Credit worthiness in business is key to success

     Most of the businesses today always find that they are short on capital vs their growth plans. Some need funds to survive. Now, for bootstrapped business ( startups) and SME’s ( who don’t plunge into [...]
  • Expert View

    Why Fintech matters for banks

     A service request. The bank said the issue is in the base branch. And the branch is almost 90 minutes from my home. The concept of universal branch banking was tom-tom-ed by the bank earlier. [...]
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    Startups: Vision, Masks & Drags – Part 1

     And he called me. ‘I am not able to access him. He says ‘hi’ on Whatsapp, and then it takes a while for another ‘hi’. I asked ‘What’s the problem?.’ “Things that we had envisioned [...]


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The Star Stories


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A peek into the world of IoT

February 21, 2017 0

 IoT (Internet of Things) has enabled machines to communicate digitally. The devices embedded with sensors can share data and talk […]


Top 8 entrepreneurs of 2016

December 29, 2016 0

 The year is drawing to a close. The startup world has experienced and seen several unexpected as well as unpredictable […]


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